Commissioned by Booreiland. This production was made during my work relationship at in60seconds. 2016.


CloudTeams is an online platform that connects app developers with their users. The user gets a chance to try out new apps, while the developer gets valuable feedback that helps him improve his product. Together they'll create software that simply works.

User, meet developer


The big challenge was to approach two inherently different target audiences. Developers want to get all technical while everyone else just comes for the flair. To get them both invested we decided to portray them side by side, as our two main characters, and let them fight it out on screen.


We made our characters polar opposites: the secluded nerd and the outgoing extrovert. We had to convey how, without the help of CloudTeams, they are hopelessly lost on one another. Luckily, they quickly find out that there's more than looks alone.


To breathe life in our lovely couple we had to get a bit technical. After hooking up various pulleys, switches and handles we could easily make them laugh, cry and bounce at the push of a button. And we abused this to its fullest.

A perfect marriage


After pulling our two heroes through an emotional rollercoaster they came out sparkling. The animation turned out short and sweet. We get to know both developer and user, not by name, but by their immutable connection through CloudTeams. And that's all we could ever ask for <3