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Unlikely couple


Developers are a special bunch. They hide behind their desks and three months later they pop out with something amazing. Users, they are different. They like the new stuff and they want it NOW. They don't have three months to spare. Both need each other, so we started thinking: what brings them together? What ignites their mutual passion? The answer came fairly quick: of course, it's spaceships!

First date


Working alongside Booreiland was a great experience. When we first met they had already prepared a bunch of ideas and artwork. After we'd put in some of our own we went back to the drawing board and knit everything together into one fine, woolly animation.

We wanted our main two characters to feel lively and fun. Although they start off in disagreement, they soon start to like each other and we wanted our viewers to feel the same. So we gave our developer a huge beard and an even larger grin. The user became his hip counterpart, with a playful smirk and a bouncing bun.

Spicing it up


To bring our characters to life we had to employ some state of the art mechanics (not really). What you're seeing here is two small dots controlling their heads: one to lead the eyes, the other to lead their heads. Turns out that puppeteering our characters in this way was a lot of fun. Look at 'em move!

Break & make up


We always try to make our animations look, feel and sound just the way they should. Booreiland gave us a lot of freedom to do just that but added one simple request: "Could you make sure that the music does NOT contain a ukulele?"

So you can imagine that they were very surprised when, on preliminary viewing, the very first note of the animation was the unmistakable "twangle" of a ukulele. Oops, our bad. Luckily we could all agree that despite our reservations it was a really good fit. So we decided to let the ukulele stay.

A perfect marriage!


In the end both Booreiland and us were really happy with the result. Not only did we spark an unbreakable bond between developer and user, our teams had grown closer together as well and this experience will be with us for eternity <3


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