Creamy Creation


Commissioned by Friesland Campina, produced by Imagine People. Boriz Baatsen (Design & Animation), Tanja Engelen (Project Management). 2018.

Old drink, new bottle


Creamy Creation introduces cream liqueur to distillers and a budding market of consumers. It's a delicate product that needs a lot of care to be prepared and bottled. In this video we delve into both the appeal of cream liqueur and the craftsmanship that makes it all possible.


Since our intended audience are skilled distillers we couldn't simply deliver a glossy looking video - we actually had to make ourselves familiar with the science. As it turns out: the process of making a cream liqueur takes about three minutes of very concisely worded instructions.


Besides giving a thorough explanation about how the cream gets made we wanted our video to feel creamy as well. After a couple of sketches we had a look you could almost taste. It primarily involves a lot of off-whites, glazed surfaces and soft shadows churned to smooth perfection.


Despite the lengthy technical breakdown of making your own buttery spirits we managed to keep the animation smooth and easy on the eyes. We can only hope distillers agree and that we'll see cream liqueur make its rightful comeback before long.