Commissioned by Erasmus MC, produced by Das Lab. Boriz (Design & Copywriting), Rogier Dieks (Project Management). 2018.


Eread is an extension and improvement on Erasmus MC to better accommodate scientists, researchers, students and visitors alike. We designed an infographic to highlight how these changes will impact everyday work and life in the facility and what can be expected in the near future.


As Eread is a dozen-odd year process not every decision is yet set in stone. Specialists, architects and permits all have to come through before any work can begin. That's not to say there's nothing to talk about: we avoid specifics to allow for a general overview of the project, aided by good faith that those working on the project will bring our predictions to fruition.


More than just delivering information we had to excite people for Eread. First and foremost people come to Erasmus MC to either work, study or be nursed. They care little for bold promises if it disrupts their routine. By illustrating how their personal work environment and infrastructure gets improved we hoped to find a common ground and get them involved as well.


In addition to the first infographic we addressed the project timeline in a separate design. We take a step further back and pinpoint where specific changes will take place and how those will impact their respective residents. This turned out less an exercise in finding the right image and more in finely tuning all the information to fit.


The infographic shows a modern, bright and roomy Erasmus MC. We can see people of all trades work and communicate effortlessly, aided by the fully stocked and capable facility. Currently, the infographic is on display all throughout the facility and will be until its completion around 2030.