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Erasmus MC Research & Education Accommodation Development. Now that's quite the mouthful! Erasmus MC is an institute that hosts both medical students and professionals working and learning together under the same roof. "Eread" is their latest addition and introduces new and improved facilities to support all of its occupants. In this informative graphic we outline what to expect.

New and improved


Since Eread will be in development for many years to come we had to be careful not to be too specific. A tech heavy industry always keeps developing and improving at rapid speeds so who's to say what the future will bring? That's why Eread aims to be at the forefront no matter what.

So instead of simply addressing the new facilities we wanted to show what the changes would bring to the people working and studying at Erasmus MC. We show colleagues working side by side in comfortable, bright rooms. Organized storage and processing rooms centralize data and a strong infrastructure ties it all together.

Piecing in together


Because there was a lot to show and tell we had to be diligent with our limited space. Carefully putting the right words in order, we designed several rooms and laboratories that would fit neatly alongside. Bright colors, colorful people and playful design complemented the sizable amount of information.

Things to come


With this infographic we gave both visitors and occupants a sneak peak at what's to come in their near future. Of course, this will all have to be build first before anyone can enjoy the new facilities. But until then they'll at least have a pretty picture to look at.


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(+31) 06 4392 4786