'n Dag in Europa


Commissioned by KRO-NCRV. Boriz (Design & Animation), Laura Klompenhouwer (Script). 2016.


We read about the big issues, the politics, the ethics. Every few years we get our chance to vote in hopes that things change a bit for the better. But how does regulation affect our day to day lives? In this short video we explore EU law and its daily impact.


Brandpunt+ reporter Laura Klompenhouwer wrote a short story about her daily routine, touching on seemingly mundane events that are nevertheless shaped and maintained by the European Union. A train ride, shopping at the local supermarket and even sitting at your desk at work. It's the little things.


Rather than addressing the far-reaching arms of bureaucracy we get to imagine a world where the small conveniences are all that matter. We view the individual citizen through the lens of millions. What does it mean when every interaction has been molded with you in mind? It makes you think twice before buying a can of soup, that's for sure.