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* This production was made in cooperation with MFilms



As part of a series on the Government of Amsterdam we take a look at the "gebiedspool": a varied team of dedicated civil servants that string all the other departments together. We managed to retell their complex tasks as a story about leadership, innovation and camaraderie.

Team captain


It's hard to design a fitting character that represents each and every one. Of course, we couldn't have a group of characters running amok either. So we set our sights on Karen - a somewhat bulky but lovable administrator who got a lot of stuff on her hands. It's up to her to restore the order and just by glancing at her we know she's up for it.

Towing the boat


We wanted to bring government a bit closer to the people, and likewise the other way around. Having Karen row a boat through Amsterdam's famous canals and having her connect with her colleagues really showed the personal side of government. All in all a job well done.


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(+31) 06 4392 4786