Commissioned by VO-raad. This production was made during my work relationship at in60seconds. 2016.


Rising to the top can be a lonesome journey and has been for many high school principals. The weight of all students rests on their experiences shoulders. But when it gets a litte much... who can they turn to for help? The VO-Raad introduces Hoofdkamer: a place where principals meet.


Hard-working, charismatic, probably short on time. A school principal is a matured professional but is surrounded by teenagers every day of the week. How should we approach an audience like that? Is he a rigid and disciplined giant - or more like that awkward parent who thinks they're hip? Probably a bit of both.


We kept the mood personal, relatable. Just like every principal has her own story and experiences we made several unique characters. Some big, some short. Some dressed modestly while others more flamboyant. My personal favorite is the lady with the amazingly red, waving hair.


The valiant principal stands proud among her students. She keeps out an eye and lends a hand when needed. But what if she's one hand short? The principal's office is just a door away. We show that every principal is as much a boon to their students as she is to her peers, and that together they can grow even stronger and more vibrant.


The animation became both charming and heartfelt. The characters are bold and colorful. We show that their experience, thoughtfulness and humanity don't go unnoticed. And we hope that in years to come Hoofdkamer will lend them a shoulder whenever they're in need.