Commissioned by Jip, produced by FJ Producties. Boriz Baatsen (Concept, Design & Animation), Jasper Fraikin (Project Management). 2018.


Jip is a young start-up that collects, processes and archives your administration. Their image is bold and colorful, their attitude is straightforward. And they employ their adorable office pup Pip as official brand mascot.


With the company's youthful character, and the dog front and center, we had to find the fine balance between professional and playful. Seeing how their business is quite literally fetch and protect that was almost as easy said as done. A couple sketches later and we had ourselves a story.

Who's a good boy?


Pip brings a lot of energy to the animation. He's cheerful, charismatic and most importantly: he takes care of his paperwork. We get a thorough look at the inner workings of Jip, and by the end we might feel like we've done some work ourselves.