Year in Review



* This production was made in cooperation with FJ



Orderliness: it's when you like your desk neat and clean, and nothing but. When your files are stored in registers and those registers are tucked away in cabinets. You abuse sticky notes on a regular basis and make sure that not a thing goes without its proper label. That's a job well done.

Some people care a little less than you do. They just have their files wherever, they will open their mail whenever. And some people really wish they were orderly, but... Where do you even start when the paperwork is piling up and there's only so much time in a day?

For them, there's JIPchain.

Colored paper


JIP is a young start-up. Their brand is bold and colorful, their attitude is straightforward. More importantly: they have an adorable company dog running around their office called "Pip". So without a second thought we knew he would be the main character of the animation.

Need me to fetch your mail? Not a problem. Need me to guard your files? On it. Need me to run your administration through complex algorithms in a timely manner? That's my middle name. Pip makes sure that by the end of the day nobody's left wondering "who's a good boy".

Cut and paste


Let's be honest, paperwork is not the most thrilling exercise. In fact, many people hurry out the room when you even mention it. It's best reserved for those Saturday mornings when you seclude to your desk in agony to fill out forms that should've been in the mail by last Monday.

Luckily, JIP is perfectly willing to take this burden out of your hands. Turning this story from despair into delight! With this positive vibe we could not only inform our viewers, but help them look forward to a paperless future.

One for the books


Pip the dog brings a lot of character to the animation. He's cheerful and really feels like man's best friend, especially now that he takes care of all his paperwork. We get a thorough look at the inner workings of JIP, and by the end we even feel like we've done some work ourselves and can start all over with a clean desk.


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(+31) 06 4392 4786