Commissioned by Imagine Film Festival, produced by Feed the Horse. Niels Dekker (Design & Animation), Danne Bakker (Design, Animation & Music), Natali Voorthuis (Animation & Music), Boriz Baatsen (Animation & Project Management). 2013.


Imagine Film Festival is an annual event in Amsterdam showing the latest in fantasy, horror and science-fiction films from all over the world. Each year Imagine invites filmmakers to design their leader in an open competition. Our lovely (but short-lived) creative collective Feed the Horse decided to participate.


As regular attendees of the festival we wanted to fill our viewers with the same feelings of awe and terror that we've experienced year in and out. The excitement, the thrill of sitting among people who are just as weird as you. That's why we decided to tell our story through the eyes of monster.


We went through a great stack of creatures, lonesome werebears, big rotten abominations, and fishy vendors, before we decided on our adorable couple. Even though we managed to get a fair amount of designs in the final animation we lost plenty of monsters during the production process.


Our narrative had to be straightforward and easygoing. More than anything the monsters should be having a good time. We weren't sure whether the small twist in the end would translate, but it turns out our audience understood all to well that they too were just a bunch of rowdy creeps.


It was quite a shock when we actually won the competition - not in the least because we had stellar competition. Needless to say we felt very honored and, even though our collective disassembled shortly after, this animation remains a great testament to the things we love and love to make.