A Day in Europe

* Official winner of the prestigeous Imagine Film Festival Time Capsule Award!



Imagine Film Festival is an annual event in Amsterdam showing the latest in fantasy, horror and science-fiction films from all over the world. Each year Imagine invites creatives to design their leader in an open competition. As part of the lovely collective Feed the Horse we decided to participate.

Gut feelings


As regular attendees of the festival we wanted to fill our viewers with the same feelings we have when watching these movies. The excitement, the thrill of sitting amlong people who are just as weird as you, and often also the disgust (it is a horror festival after all). That's why told our story through the eyes of monsters.

Scratch an itch


We went through a great stack of creatures before we decided on our adorable couple. Big rotten abominations, lonesome werebears, and fishy vendors serving buckets full of slime to kids. We managed to get a good amount of them into the final animation, although a fair lot was lost in production as well.

* Artwork by Danne Bakker & Niels Dekker

Bite marks


Our narrative was pretty straightforward and easygoing. We show the crowd enjoying their time alongside and with each other. We weren't really sure whether the small twist in the end would translate, but it turned out that our audience felt exactly how we did: we are all just a bunch of rowdy monsters.

Sweet & sour


We were quite shocked when we found out that we'd won the competition - not in the least because we had stellar competitors. Needless to say we felt very honored and even though our collective disassembled shortly after, this animation remains a great testament to the things we love and love to make.


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(+31) 06 4392 4786