Onderwijs Logistiek


Commissioned by Nova College, produced by Tupilak Studio. Boriz Baatsen (Design & Animation), Laurens Verwijs (Concept & Project Management), Elephant Ears (Sound Design & Music). 2018.


Nova College introduces Onderwijs Logistiek: a digital scheduling tool to assist both students and teachers during their daily routine. It catalogues everyone's agenda, appointments and pastimes - which not only increases productivity but provides much needed breathing room in-between classes.


The animation aims to inform teachers of both the intentions and benefits of the new software. Since teachers don't like being lectured to we opted for a different approach: we introduced them to themselves.

This is you. Shoulders back, head upright, doing a stellar job all day long. But what if you could help yourself lighten that load?


It's hard to explain a complex system when you don't quite understand it yourself either. So, we forgot about technicalities and put our focus on the bigger picture. The dusty blackboard became a reflection of the teacher's messy schedule. Throughout the animation we help her wipe her slate clean and start the day fresh and well-rested.


To keep the animation's tone positive and stimulating we used warm and bright colors. As things get more stressful the room slowly dims and the teacher starts slumping. Luckily, things quickly lighten up and we finish the animation back in a brightly lit classroom.


Having the teacher become part of her paperwork turned out well and gave us plenty of interesting visuals to work with. The musical talents at Elephant Ears really supported the animation's flow and helped us deliver a message that strongly resonated.