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Managing a college is hard. When you've got a building filled with rooms, which house teachers, who teach classes, which host students - where do you start? And don't even begin about everyone's personal schedules, appointments and pastimes because there'll be no end to it.

Nova College decided to do things a tad differently. They developed a system that registers all of its teachers, and classes, and students along with their personal agendas. It then puts this all in the blender (not really, it's actually a really smart algorithm) and out comes a perfect schedule for the entire school.

Easy as pi!

Pointing at blackboards


Nova wanted to reach out to its teachers, introduce the new system and have them participate. We chose to put the teacher on the spot. "This is you." Standing in front of your students, shoulders back, doing a stellar job all day long. But that's hard work so what if we could offer some help along the way? We made our message concise and went straight to the point.

"Narrative theory"


It's difficult to explain a complex system when you don't fully understand it yourself either. Rather than getting all technical we decided to take a different route. We looked at the new system through the eyes of the teacher and how it will help her interact with her classes and students.

Today we've learned


Having the teacher and her students jump in and out of algorithms was a fun approach. With the musical prowess of Elephant Ears we put them all in perfect harmony and delivered an animation that strongly resonated.


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