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"PINK!", not to be confused with either the color or the singer, is the name of the youth organization aligned with the Dutch political party "Party for the Animals". Its name refers to a young cow which hasn't matured just yet and perfectly signifies the youthful and deviant character of its green members.

I met PINK! in the spring of 2017. We bonded over our mutual love for nature and the world at large, and not long after they asked me to have a peek at their logo. This lead to us delving deep into their brand for no less than half a year, and coming out the other end with a fresh new logo.


1st concept

At first we tried giving the previous logo an update. Since it was already pretty big and bold we made it even bigger and bolder. But after several sketches it just didn't feel right. Moreover, PINK! had noticed in the past that they were often being confused for different (pink) movements. The ribbon design certainly wasn't going to help. So we moved on.

Leaf, drop, eye

2nd concept

We made the name secondary and put our sights on a symbol instead. As a youth organization PINK! has a lot of fluidity in both its people and its ideas, so we wanted to account for not just what PINK! is today but for what it might become in the future. Luckily we had some constants to work with as well: care for animals (which includes humans), our environment, and ultimately our planet.

This brought us to three simple icons: a leaf, a drop and a tilted eye. The tilt to make it a bit more feral. The icons represent our relationship with nature, the resources we've been given and the responsibilities we hold. All of these lie at the core of what PINK! values, and given that these symbols are universal they can easily be understood by everyone.


3rd concept

To bring PINK! a bit closer to her roots we glimpsed at the Party for the Animals. Their logo bears a giant, green butterfly. To complement their brand we came up with our own counterpart: a dragonfly. We even implemented PINK!'s exclamation mark in its design, which I think was pretty clever.

Although it was nice to see the two side by side, it was maybe a bit too close for comfort. Despite the strong ties between both organizations, PINK! values its independence and was looking for something that sets them apart. So we decided to drop this design.


4th concept

As a rule of thumb there is never "just one" good design, story or logo. It's a matter of circumstance what you come up with, and there are always great ideas left waiting to be thought up. To explore our possibilities we held a quick brainstorm and came up with three entirely new designs. Since they were conceived together it's not too surprising that they all share several commonalities.

For one, we wanted to highlight the youthfulness and potential of the organization. The lightbulb and sunrise both represent new ideas and a bright future. On top of that we wanted to emphasize PINK!'s connection to nature, which can be seen in the vine growing out of the lightbulb and the sea shimmering beneath the sun.

A new leaf


We decided on one of our earlier designs. It felt fresh and bold, resonated well with PINK!'s image and was easily recognizable. Not only do the symbols represent PINK! as a whole, they can all be broadly applied to the many causes they fight for. It covers the environment, its resources and life in general.

The logo was revealed to PINK!'s members in early 2018 and has been in use ever since, donning both their social media and the streets.


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(+31) 06 4392 4786