Commissioned by PINK! Jongeren van de Partij voor de Dieren. Boriz (Design & Animation), Renée Baris (Project Management). 2018.


PINK! is the youth organization aligned with the Dutch political party Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals). Its name refers to a young cow which hasn't matured just yet which perfectly signifies the youthful and deviant character of its green members.


The original logo had served its purpose well and, thanks to its dedicated members, had been plastered literally everywhere. But even though PINK! is a young organization it just felt a little bit too grassroots. We were looking for something that could help PINK! grow.

Concept A

At first we tried giving their logo an update. Since it was already big and bold we made it even bigger and bolder. However, since PINK! had its brand often confused with other causes (such as Pink Ribbon) we felt it more appropriate to move away from the name and look for an image instead.

Concept B

We made the name secondary and went looking for a symbol, something to represent PINK! as they are now and what they might become in the near future. We had some recurring themes to work with: care for animals (which includes humans), our environment, and ultimately our planet. This resulted in three icons of a leaf, a drop and a tilted eye.

Concept C

To bring PINK! closer to her roots we glimpsed at the party of the Animals. Their logo bears a giant, green butterfly. In response we came up with our own counterpart: a dragonfly. Although the similarity was a nice thought, it was maybe a bit too close for comfort.

Concept D

To explore our possibilities we held a quick brainstorm and came up with three entirely new designs, centered around the themes of youthfulness and future potential. All of these designs seemed competent but lacked a clear sense of character. Maybe that's subjective, but what's a logo if not first impressions?


We decided on one of our earlier designs. It felt fresh and bold, resonated well with PINK!'s image and was easily recognizable. Not only do the symbols represent PINK! as a whole, they can be broadly applied to the many causes they fight for. It covers the environment, its resources and life in general.

The logo was revealed to PINK!'s members in early 2018 and has been in use ever since, donning both their social media and the streets.