Commissioned by The Government of Amsterdam, produced by MFilms. Boriz Baatsen (Design & Animation), Francoise Mittertreiner (Project Management). 2018.


As part of a series on the Government of Amsterdam we take a look at the Gebiedspool: a varied team of dedicated civil servants that string all the other departments together. We managed to retell their complex tasks as a story about leadership, innovation and camaraderie.


It's hard to design a fitting character that represents each and every one in the Gebiedspool. But we couldn't have a group of people run amok either. So we set our sights on Karen - a somewhat bulky but lovable administrator who got a lot of stuff on her hands. It's up to her to restore order, and just by looks you can tell she's up for it.


We wanted to bring government a bit closer to the people, as well as the other way around. Having Karen connect with her colleagues and rowing a boat through Amsterdam's famous canals really showed the personal side of government. All in all a job well done.