Commissioned by Rabobank. This production was made during my work relationship at in60seconds. 2017.


In this short film we cover many ends and new beginnings. It's the end of 2017, another successful year for Rabobank. Together we look back at past accomplishments and forward towards their goals for 2017. Alongside that, we also introduce their brand new animation design.


Coming off Rabobank's previous minimalist approach to animation we had to do some serious legwork. While staying true to their brand colors, bright orange and deep blue, we expanded only where needed and created a sharp and energetic design that included icons, characters and even scenery.


We wanted to emphasize the effect Rabobank had on society. There are many statistics which do just that, but those don't make for a good picture. So let's bring the narrative closer to the people. How have they experienced these positive changes?


We took a slight risk by downplaying the corporate feeling of Rabobank and expanding on the human element of their brand, but it all worked out wonderfully. By doing so we were able to explore their brand through a new lens and set the stage for many more animations to come.