De Hoofdkamer



* This production was made during my work relationship at in60seconds

Maatschappelijk jaarverslag


In this short animation we cover lots of ends and new beginnings. It's the end of 2016, another successful year for Rabobank. She looks back at her accomplishments and forward to her goals for 2017. This is also when we introduce their brand new animation design - which we, proud to admit, were partly responsible for.

Among the crowd


We wanted to emphasize the effect Rabobank had on society. Obviously there are many numbers and statistics to do just that, but that doesn't make for a good picture. So let's bring it closer to the people. How have they experienced these positive changes?

With the fishes


The Rabobank brand comes down to two colors: orange and deep blue. Now those are great colors, but how do you turn them into a tree? Or a person? And many other things. We felt like we had to expand the color palette just a bit to give ourselves some wiggle room.

In the hearts


We took a slight risk by downplaying the corporate feeling of Rabobank and upping their human side, but it all worked out wonderfully. On top of that we explored their brand new animation design and set the stage for many more animations to come.


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