Commissioned by Tavaana, produced by Moher Productions. Boriz Baatsen (Design & Animation), Mostafa Heravi (Script & Project Management), Kai Engel (Music). 2014.


Under the direction of Iranian-born filmmaker Mostafa Heravi I animated several short films depicting everyday life and struggles of Iranian citizens in and around its capital, Tehran. In this short story we follow a young girl, Mahsa, as she makes her way through the endless traffic that is overflowing the capital.


Tavaana is very upfront about the role they want to play in society. Through messages of hope and redemption they inspire people to improve themselves and their communities. In this animation we show the underbelly of society through Mahsa, a character that's easy to empathize with, without the barrier of either culture or language.


Tehran is a city of millions, with the rich and the poor living side by side. Its skyline is only outdone by the neighboring mountains. Mahsa lives at the very bottom where there is no sun, only smog. She hopes to find her way out but has to depend on the kindness of strangers.


It was a thrill working in a foreign language. It lead us to creating universal imagery that could be understood without the need for words at all. The short film was received well and has been watched by thousands of Iranian people who hopefully have taken its message to heart.