A Day in Europe





Under the direction of Iranian born filmmaker Mostafa Heravi I made several short animations, depicting everyday life and struggles of Iranian citizens in and around its capital, Tehran. In this short story we follow a young girl, Mahsa, as she makes her way through the endless traffic that is overflowing the capital.

The skyline


Tavaana is very upfront about the role it wants to play in society. Through messages of hope and redemption it tries to spark a flame within the people of Iran and move them to improve themselves and their communities.

Part of its message is showing the underbelly of society, which in this case comes down to Masha. A young girl who is left homeless, without parents and without food. She has been walking through the smog for years but still hopes for a better future. We wanted to create a character with whom people could easily emphasize without the barrier of either culture or language. That's why most of the story is told by visuals alone.

The pavement


Tehran is a city of millions. Its massive skyline is only dwarfed by the mountains neighboring the capital. Our story takes place at the very bottom where there is no sun and everything is dim and grey. Throughout the animations we show sparks of hope coming from Masha herself, but since she is young she's powerless to do anything about it herself. It is only when the others reach out and choose to help her that she can move on and the city itself starts to blossom.

The city


It was a thrill to work in a foreign language with a foreign culture, which also moved me to make the imagery as clear as possible without the need for words as all. The short film was received well and has been watched by thousands of Iranian people who hopefully have taken its message to heart.


I've worked with big companies and small organizations, both with teams and individuals. If you've got a story to share I would love to hear it. Please get into contact by sending me an e-mail or giving me a call.

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(+31) 06 4392 4786