Year in Review


Personal project. Boriz Baatsen (Design & Animation), Suddenly Time Told (Music). 2018.


There was a rare spare week in my schedule, so I set out to work on a short film. With limited time and limited resources I wrote a story about graphs, diagrams and dots. Visualized through nothing other than an ordinary Tuesday morning PowerPoint presentation.


Any designer must appreciate the minimalist simplicity of a good schematic. A couple of lines and dots can sometimes tell us more than years of experience. Add a couple shades of grey, some furniture and a slowly moving camera, and you've got yourself an almost thrilling scene for less than half a day's work.


Since concepting generally takes most production time that's the first thing I wanted to cut short. The story is the classic hero's journey, with our hero overcoming his struggle and rising against all expectations. The graph is just a metaphor. Or maybe, the hero's journey has always been a metaphor for a perfectly fine graph.

I'll just wait for the beat to kick in.


Big shout-out to Suddenly Time Told for his marvelous track Nocturne. His sound tied this whole project together and gave purpose to the graphics.


It was good fun working on this short project. It's nothing too new or too impressive, but it does what it needs to: show you something you've already seen, tell you something you already know and still keep your attention for three minutes. Now, back to work.