Year in Review


Out of nowhere I had a spare week in my schedule. So I did the only thing I knew how and made an animated short. With limited time, limited resources but an abundance of ideas I went to work on this short tale about graphs, diagrams and dots. All told during a three minute presentation on an ordinary Tuesday morning.



Looking for inspiration I opened one of my recent projects: a page filled with about fifty tiny symbols. A coin, a key, a skull. Should I make them all bounce around? What if I put them in order, like a schematic or a graph? And as one rises, the other falls and all the symbols together get to tell a bigger story.

Making fifty symbols bounce around is a lot of work (even if they're tiny) so I scrapped forty-nine of them and was left with only a diamond. I especially liked this one for its shape and its shading. It just felt right. So I started building a story around it. What if this was a person? Or maybe a business? I called it "GEM, INC." because that's about as neutral a business name I could come up with.

Looking for a hero


You may have heard of "the hero's journey". A young person gets swept off his feet into an adventure, struggles with both himself and life, miraculously makes it out in one piece and becomes stronger during the process. This animation is something like that, although condensed to a powerpoint presentation.

While the "hero" of this story is the company's financial stability, the arrow naturally jumped forward as its main protagonist. He finds himself struggling to keep his head up until he finally plummets down the graph. And then it is he who defies defeat, sets a course and overcomes in the end. A cinematic masterpiece

Same old, same new


I had great fun working on this short project, and while the story and presentation are nothing brilliant I learned some new tricks along the way. Big ideas and beautiful images are not all. At times, you simply create something that does exactly what it's meant to do: keep your attention for three short minutes by showing something you've seen before, telling you something you already know and somehow still keeping you guessing.


I've worked with big companies and small organizations, both with teams and individuals. If you've got a story to share I would love to hear it. Please get into contact by sending me an e-mail or giving me a call.

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(+31) 06 4392 4786